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What We Do

We help companies increase their Revenues,Audience Reach, Product Discoverability,User Engagement,Users Conversion Rates,User Re-Engagement and achieve their full potential.
Focused in increase users conversion by rising internet reach with lower acquisition cost we Build Outstanding Products.

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Progressive Web Applications We code Web Applications which works like any Android, iOS or Desktop applications.

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Architecture and Design Consultancy In this field we master the Clouds, Design and Development Operations world.

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Technical Support We give exceptional service 24 hours / 7 days of the week.

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How We Work


About Us

World class vision

Atomic Coders takes the best options available for our clients all the time. Our maxima is "We do the right thing even when nobody is watching"

Clockwork machine

We are constantly working towards a continuous improvement process. We honestly believe that despite our elevated expertise level each day brings us the opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge

Exceptionally accountable

Be completely transparent with our Software Development Process is the best way to show our integrity and commitment values to our clients.

Main services we provide.

Long Term and Short Term Technical Support

Dedicated in-house team to support our clients quickly and efficiently to fix any found Bugs or Issues. Our proactive support will cover updates, security, optimizations and disaster recoveries.

Performance and Security Audits

Web Performance and Security are the key to drive engagement and online revenue. We will find the potential problems stopping you from getting to the next level. We will also provide guidance, tools and a solutions to fix any found defect.

E-Commerce Web Application Development

We are E-Commerce experts. We can help you create an E-Commerce store from scratch or improve your existing E-Commerce website.

Small and Large Business Solutions

We do much more than average web development. Our AllStars team code from Content Management Systems, Enterprises Resource Planning systems, Accounting and Inventory softwares, Sales tools or third party integrations. We love complexity because we embrace challenges.

Web Design and User Experience Design

Display your E-Commerce websites, Company websites, Landing pages or Leads gathering websites Content attractively with an optimum and memorable User Experience is our biggest delight.

Testing Consultancy

Automated tests are the root of any reliable application. For this field we will help you with 100% code coverture implementing solutions for Function, Process, Regression, Performance, End-to-End testing as well as Monitoring strategies.

Finance and Banking Web Applications

On this sector plenty of complexity and security compliances we build trust with our customers and credibility with partners, delivering you measurable results with each solution.

Image and Video Optimization

Automated solutions to get high performance multimedia resources served accordingly given the user's web browser capabilities.

Infrastructure Architecture Design and Management

Development Operations on Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Cluster management with Kubernetes.

Why we made the difference?

Our core values are Performance, Reliavility and Quality.
Coding your business requirements under the Progressive Web Applications specifications is our normal workflow.

In this short video we expose Key Business Values which we bring to the table.

· PWA Conference - Author, Google Engineers' Team.
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Success Stories from Our Customers.

Our High quality development process is completely transparent to our clients. We continuously delivery business values on a weekly bases to our clients. Full automation of the End to End test process with full Technical support if any failure is detected on your application.

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The Comscore’s report the Reach of Mobile Web is 2.5 times more than that of mobile apps, while considering the top 1000 sites and apps.

Comscore’s Increase Audience Reach

Very excited to announce we lower the User Acquisition Cost down to 10 times more chip converting our Android and iOS applications to a Web Application.
Users acquisition cost:

  • Android App: 4.00 euros
  • Mobile Web App: 0.35 euros

Selio Lower User Acquisition Cost

With our brand new Progressive Web Application we have Increase engagement by 4X and this does not stop here, we have also Increase users spend twice as much time on the site.

eXtra Electronics Increase User Engagement

The seamless end to end user experience provided by AliExpress.com on their Web Application improves the number of successful conversions:

  • 2x more pages views.
  • 74% increase in time spent.
  • 82% more conversions for new users on iOS.
  • 104% more conversions for new users across all browsers.

AliExpress.com Increase Users Conversion

The seamless end to end user experience provided by AliExpress.com on their Web Application improves the number of successful conversions:

  • 43% increase in sessions per user.
  • 20% increase advert viewability.
  • 3x increase in scroll depth.

Forbes.com Increase Users Conversion

Our Team Culture.

We CODE Efficient solutions to magnify the efficiency.

We are a happy group because we love being Engineers by profession and Programmers by heart. We are tireless seekers of knowledge constantly innovating.

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